Film-Com is a MUST for any serious filmmaker seeking funding or distribution. Film-Com puts you face to face with the industry’s movers and shakers. It was our first time giving an “official pitch” to a room full of industry execs and we had interest from a major studio before we were even done. We are now working about half a dozen serious leads that came from our visit to Film-Com

Douglas Schulze

Film-Com was exceptional. It gave me a tremendous access to industry professionals who actually listened to what we had to say and seemed to really care about the projects that were the official selection by Film-Com. In addition the industry professionals had amazing suggestions and I personally made 3 amazing connections that I know will be life long as well as well as being given the opportunity to have done a serious pitch, that has turned out to be beneficial for my documentary film.

Brook Parker Bello
Documentary Feature – Above the Noise
Directed by Brook Bello