It’s 1:30am as I write this, been a long day, Day One of Film-Com.  I’d planned to make it to Score-Com and Script-Com, instead I spent the day, along with multiple other team members, getting everything ready for the Direct Presentations on Wednesday and Thursday, etc.  However, I understand that both Score-Com and Script-Com were a raving success, and everyone spoke highly of their day (Score-Com continues on Sunday).

Marsha Blackburn - Tom Schulman

Marsha Blackburn

Meanwhile the after party (so to speak) was held at MBA (Montgomery Bell Academy) where Congressman Marsha Blackburn gave the keynote address (read transcript) and Tom Schulman spoke of his years at MBA and the appreciation of what he’d learned along the way, both at MBA, USC and in life.  He was honored with a beautiful plaque and told that the room we were in (this was the first time it had been used publicly) had been named the “Dead Poets” room in his honor.  He smiled and asked if they had clearance from Disney.

Applause, laughter and a photo session (photos by Ashley Gillium) had everyone in high spirits as we adjourned for music, food and networking.  All in all a good and fulfilling first day.

Our prep (which continues as I write this) is nearing completion and we’re approaching our first FULL day of Film-Com and the all important direct presentations and New Project Expo.

We’ll be posting daily summaries here, however if you want to follow in real time join us on twitter and facebook and be sure and share and retweet.  That’s it for day one… gonna catch a little sleep. Night all.

The Film-Com Team