New Project Expo

The New Project Pitch Expo takes place at Titans Stadium on Thursday and Friday, June 18 and 19, 2015 from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. The space at Titans Stadium has an expansive view through a wall of windows of the downtown Nashville skyline and riverfront.

New Project Expo Stadium Club at Titans Stadium

New Project Expo

Titans Stadium (see map)
Parking Lot S [the side facing downtown]
1 Titans Way
Nashville 37213

The New Project Expo is a trade show where filmmakers with either feature, television or documentary projects-in-progress or already completed projects set up exhibits in the form of laptops, plasma screens, posters, 1-sheet promo art, postcards and whatever other materials each filmmaker or team or production company would like to set up. Booths and electrical are provided by Film-Com, though you must let the New Project Expo Manager know in advance what your tech requirements may be.

The floor of the New Project Expo is walked by the incoming film and television industry execs and potential financiers, as well as potential co-production partners.

The New Project Expo is now run concurrently with Direct Presentation Sessions, which are adjacent the Expo. This means that several projects from the New Project Expo that were not initially selected for the limited Direct Presentation Sessions will be pulled from the Expo for Direct Presentation, per time availability.

Regardless of whether any project gets a 15-20 minute Direct Presentation Session, all filmmakers have six hours to bring any and all participating industry execs to see an even fuller presentation at the project’s booth at the New Project Expo [in addition to other networking opportunities at the film/television business seminars at the Ford Theatre, and networking breakfasts and parties throughout Film-Com].

Filmmakers with projects can sign up at the New Project Expo for either regular Exhibition Booths, which are the 8-foot tables provided by Film-Com, or Custom Exhibition Booths, which are imported and built by the filmmakers, themselves.

Filmmakers who do not wish to set up a booth may still be a New Project Expo Networking Pass. This is recommended for those who are at the screenplay phase, but do not yet have any packaging built around their projects.

IMPORTANT NOTE: If you do sign up for an exhibition booth at the New Project Expo, you must fill out the PROJECT STATUS FORM on the Film-Com website, which provides details about your project, as well as contact information. All exhibitors will need to be in touch with the New Project Expo Manager regarding tech requirements, so your contact info on the PROJECT STATUS FORM is 100% essential.

More details will be furnished as the event date approaches, so please check back.

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