Thank you for filling out the New Project Pitch Expo Form… We wish you GREAT SUCCESS.

Here are a few things you NEED TO KNOW.

1. We supply 1 power drop, 8ft space, 6ft table covered with black tablecloths and black pipe & drapes for each booth. Typical folding chairs are also provided… HOWEVER… YOU MUST bring your own power strip and extension cord(s), we do not provide power strips or ancillary items, only a single electrical outlet.

2. You may decorate your booth as desired, but PLEASE be mindful of other filmmakers nearby, especially concerning loud sound. We HIGHLY recommend you bring headphones (preferably multiple) so the executives can clearly hear your presentation.

3. THIS is your time to network, and build relationships. Follow-up is KEY, get contact details.

4. Should your presentation require AV equipment, PLAN AHEAD. While we’ll do everything possible to make your presentation a success, we are not a rental company and cannot supply last minute AV needs

5. Here is a Google Search of AV companies in the Nashville area.

6. Load-inTBA

Detailed Q & A From a Presenter

This was a series of questions posed by a presenter.  They asked specific question concerning the venue, we thought it might help everyone.

Q. Consists of??? A table, chairs???
A. 8 foot space, 6 foot table, depth is approximately 6 foot (not certain on that one).  There will be standard folding chairs on both sides of your table.

Q. Are there walls to the booth?? Height and depth of back and side walls? What materials are the walls made of (need to know how to hang the poster), i.e. just metal frames? drapes?
A. The area is essentially open, I believe there is a divider between booths, maybe 3 foot high.

Q. Who supplies the materials to hang poster with?
A.  The project presenter is responsible for all materials to decorate their booth.  There may/may not be hangers available, will check and update.  You could use an easel, but you’d need to supply it.

Q. If partitions are used, what is the material used?
A. No nothing but a table, pipe and drape with linen and access to power.

Q.  What is the overall room like? Tall ceilings? Convention hall? Banquet room?
A. VERY TALL ceilings, it’s a television studio

Q. Any restrictions on sound, video, music?
A.Restricitons on sound would be this. Be kind to your fellow filmmakers, who will also be presenting. It is recommended you use headphones so executives can clearly hear your video. Show what you want, but keep in mind there will be minors in attendance, so R rates should be shown with discretion.

Q. Any set up help available?
A. Set-up is done by you and your team, there are many others also setting up, thus can’t guarantee anyone will be handly as you setup. That said, if a staff member is nearby and you said “hold this”, we’re happy to help.

Q. What’s the flooring? carpet? concrete? etc.
A. Studio flooring, don’t believe there is carpet, perhaps at the entrace, but not in the booth area.

Q. What are “hangers”?

A. Hangers are use to suspend a poster or placard from the pipe in the back of the booth.  There will be at least two there already, I don’t know if there are extras.


Q. Is there a curtain behind me at the booth to hook on to, or is it a wall?
A. Curtain as far as I know, but there could be a wall behind that.

Q. If curtains, are we permitted to puncture it to hang the poster from with hooks etc.?
A. Yes, but it would be better to suspend from the PIPE itself, stronger and less likely to tear.

Q. How do you attach the hook??
A. Well since it’s an “S”, that means it’s opoen, so you’d simply reach up and hook it, same as you would a coat hanger.  For the poster side, you’d of course need to have a small hole in the poster, how that hole is created is up to you.

QWhat about Velcro strips, would that work if the poster had that on its back and another strip is attached to the curtain? 
A. While technically the velcro would work, I’m not sure how you’d attach it to the curatin, and THEN, assuming you did, how easily it could be removed after the expo.  I say stick with pins and/or hooks

Hope that helps.

June 23 – 10 a.m. to 6 p.m.
New Project Pitch Expo + Panels on Special Topics
@ Titans Stadium – Club West / Parking Lot S

River-side of stadium – Plenty of free parking

Google Map

What Materials Should We Have at The NPPE?
What materials, signage, documents, etc. should we bring on the day? Any details you have would awesome (Poster sizes, specific documents, how materials are usually displayed,  Etc.)
If you watch this video, with your finger on the pause button, you’ll see a few brief clips from a previous yer’s event, may give you some ideas.
and look through here
note on the last one, we don’t do the pitch sessions any longer, so don’t pay attention to those shots
Some or all of these:
•Mini-poster hand-outs with contact info
•Business cards
•DVDs of sizzlers
•Marketing kit folders that contain such info
•Laptop or larger screen for showing project website and footage