Evalena Marie

What an incredible experience that I could not be more thrilled to have been a part of. My team and I came away really feeling like we well exceeded our goals and ambitions for the conference. With inspirational stories, experienced guidance, and informative talks from the attending executives, my team and I returned home with a rekindled fire in our bellies to continue chasing our dreams and never, ever stop that pursuit. And we also enjoyed some of the best omelets of our lives!

Evalena Marie
Feature – Serena and The Ratts
Horroble Pictures


I really enjoyed my time at Film-Com. The people were cool, the staff helpful and the execs I met very encouraging. The contacts I made should really help get my project to the next level. Thanks guys.

Bleu Eves
Television Series: Band Together
Out of the Bleu Productions

Brook Parker Bello

Film-Com was exceptional. It gave me a tremendous access to industry professionals who actually listened to what we had to say and seemed to really care about the projects that were the official selection by Film-Com. In addition the industry professionals had amazing suggestions and I personally made 3 amazing connections that I know will be life long as well as well as being given the opportunity to have done a serious pitch, that has turned out to be beneficial for my documentary film.

Brook Parker Bello
Documentary Feature – Above the Noise
Directed by Brook Bello

Becky Best

I really appreciate all the work that went into making Film-Com a success. It is no easy feat putting on an event like that. It helped me get my project noticed and I made several valuable connections. I also received feedback that my project is really funny – which is good since it is a comedy.

Becky Best
Feature Film – The Incorrect Man
Crusader Pictures

Douglas Schulze

Film-Com is a MUST for any serious filmmaker seeking funding or distribution. Film-Com puts you face to face with the industry’s movers and shakers. It was our first time giving an “official pitch” to a room full of industry execs and we had interest from a major studio before we were even done. We are now working about half a dozen serious leads that came from our visit to Film-Com

Douglas Schulze
Dead Wait Productions, LLC

Attila Peli

I think Film-com is great because it is designed in such a way that creates the context to connect with potential buyers and industry professionals. Practically in just a few days you have the opportunity to get a complete feed-back from each participant. It is great!

Attila Peli
The Third Way to reach remote tribes
Spring Media Production

Bob Farnsworth

There are so many levels at which Film-Com has been an event that I never plan to miss. It is extremely educational, very valuable in creating and maintaining relationships that help to move film projects forward, and remarkable in the openness and ease with which dialogue is initiated. It is also clear that great thought has been put into making it a fun event for everyone. Last year, I was introduced to the company that is funding Hummingbird – Liberty Film’s project: “It’s a Wonderful Life: The Rest of the Story.” To say that I am thankful for Film-Com is an understatement.”

Bob Farnsworth
Its A Wonderful Life – The Rest of The Story
Hummingbird Productions

Ed Griffith

Film-Com is a must for any serious filmmaker. The seminars were informative, Film Expo is a great place to meet other filmmakers and practice your pitch. Everyone at Film-Com made the experience worthwhile!! Thank You Film-Com!

Ed Griffith
Documentary: The Last 40 Acres and a Mule
Griffith Productions, Inc.

Anna Kipervaser

Dear Film-Com,

Thank you so very much for your warmth, your hospitality, your graciousness, professionalism, and for the strategic introductions you made for us. We are more grateful than you can possibly know.

I also wanted you to know how welcomed we felt and how at home we felt with everyone and everything at all times, and that is all thanks to your intention and incredibly hard work and faith in this crazy industry\!

Anna Kipervaser
Voices of the Adhan\: Cairo

Rob Lindsay

You made it possible for me to meet and pitch TV execs I would never have gotten to otherwise. I know lots of people worked long and hard to make this happen and I’m grateful to all.

This is my second year at Film-com and I can already see it growing into an important market for fresh projects, and Nashville growing into a less expensive alternative to the coasts for production.

I not only met open and accessible producers, agents and execs, I made some great connections with other creators from all over the country.

Thank you all so much, looking forward to Film-com 2013

Rob Lindsay
Rob Lindsay Productions

Deborah Gee, The Toasted Hostess

Fim-Com is a fabulous opportunity for film makers that are just an inch short from completion!! I not only gathered experience but learned a lot about distribution, finance and relationships. Getting that much exposure amongst my peers was great and the panels and seminars is a “must” to someone who is serious about making it in this very difficult business.

Deborah Gee, The Toasted Hostess
The Corkscrew Diary
GoCo. Inc

Ron Berryessa

At Dangerous Muse Productions, we want to congratulate Film-Com 2012 for producing a first rate filmmaker event. As returning participants, we are able to comment directly on the various improvements we experienced this year. The New Project Expo, the new Direct Presentation setup, the dual track Film Business Panel discussion, and the Networking Breakfasts combined to produce an exceptional opportunity for us to learn from, and interact with, established industry professionals. We experienced very real and very tangible results from this years Film-Com. We will undoubtedly participate again.

Many thanks to all of the volunteers and sponsors that contributed to the smooth and effectual running of this First Class event. We highly recommend it for novice and experienced independent filmmakers alike.

Ron Berryessa
Falls the Shadow – Feature
Dangerous Muse Productions, LLC

Steve Cushman

Dear Film-com,

Please accept my sincere thanks for your time and advice in the review of \”Forgotten\: MIA in New Guinea\” documentary concepts and filming completion.

It is my continued hope that film efforts on \”Forgotten, MIA in New Guinea\” will eventually facilitate the recovery and return of this bomber crew. The Film-Com exposure was a hopeful milestone.

Film-Com is correctly recognized as a tremendous opportunity to network, learn and market.

Steve Cushman
Unscripted Television Series: Forgotten: MIA in New Guinea
Go Remote

Laura Palmer

Thanks again for a terrific experience at Film-com! We were particularly impressed with the event at Titan Stadium. It was a great venue and neat to meet and see all the projects.

Laura Palmer
Feature Film – Halloween Party
Halloween Party Movie

Tamara Trexler

My partners, Stuart Goodman of Boynton Beach, Florida , Steven Peros of Los Angeles and I, the producers of Lifetime’s 2013 A COUNTRY CHRISTMAS STORY starring Dolly Parton, Brian McKnight and Mary Kay Place would like to thank and applaud Film-Com. We came together in Nashville as a team and presented to Film-Com in 2012. We credit Film-Com for giving the project a renewed momentum so that we could successfully pitch it to television networks.

Tamara Trexler
A Country Christmas Story
Nashville based producer