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Info for Distributors, Foreign Sales Entities, Financiers, Co-Production Partners, Agents and other potential industry participants —

No zoo. Just business. And a cool, unforgettable experience.

Welcome to a multi-billion dollar entertainment industry center, where things are not quite as you expected.

Your experience at Film-Com will be one where you have the opportunity to engage a myriad of new works in progress at a phase where you can shape the outcome, where you will interact with a full spectrum of other industry execs that are useful to moving forward your own properties, where you will encounter aspects of Music City USA not promoted to mass audiences, including networking events with spectacular views of the environment, and a completely unique music in film event where you will sit on stage at the Schermerhorn Symphony Center while musicians perform music designed for film and television.

As a pure business event, Film-Com is your filter. Hundreds of new feature and television projects-in-progress submitted from around the USA and international territories will be registered by Film-Com, then a select group of significantly marketable projects will be narrowed down and featured at the New Project Expo and the Film-Com catalog; and the most marketable properties will be selected to be one of limited group of presentations to be made in-person for your review.

Film-Com is an annual packaging, financing and distribution market which directly connects you to filmmakers and their new projects, as well as connecting all parties in the equation — including equity financiers, P&A capital, banks, gap financing, co-production partners, packaging agents, product integration specialists and other entities related to the success of getting a film made and to market — to each other.

We do the work for you. Film-Com processes all entries to identify the most marketable properties available; i.e. we do not promote a circus atmosphere with thousands of attendees and a blizzard of materials where quality is not assured; rather Film-Com operates with a unique methodology to filter for viable properties where the art and business of each project provide feasible prospects for the commitment of production and distribution capital.

The Film-Com process has two primary phases:

Phase 1] Filmmakers electronically submit a business breakdown of their projects; and all projects are posted on the Film-Com Projects Registry. The Project Registry is accessible by domestic and foreign distributors, completion funds, film banks, gap financiers, product integration specialists, producer reps, and potential co-production partners.

Phase 2a] The business information and brief DVD footage of all projects will be weighed by Film-Com according to marketability to domestic and foreign markets. Filmmakers with the most marketable properties will be able to present their projects at Film-Com directly to distribution companies and related industry entities that may provide completion funding and other support for those projects. The projects may be works-in-progress or newly shot films, and will be selected based upon an overall combination of fresh artistic vision, marketability of concept, and business professionalism in all aspects of the property.

Phase 2b] After the most marketable properties have been selected for direct presentation at the Film-Com event, other projects of marketable merit will be included in a printed catalog to be provided to all distribution companies and related industry entities involved in Film-Com. The number of properties included in the catalog may be from 10 to 100, and will be based solely upon each project having noteworthy elements that may require further development toward marketability. Additionally, the complete pool of viable projects will be on display at Film-Com’s New Project Expo.

Film-Com has a unique model designed to be continuously adaptable to changing market forces in the international marketplace, and therefore will involve participants each year who are on the modulating edge of both film creation and marketing / distribution.

Film-Com is an all-year process that culminates at the Film-Com market happening April 16 to 19, 2013 in the multi-billion dollar entertainment capital of Nashville, Tennessee. The greater Film-Com Week commences with partner events that include a film/TV composers symposium, screenwriters workshop, songwriters for film/TV forum, and Faith in film conference.

You will be housed at the Hilton Nashville Downtown, right between the Schermerhorn Symphony Center, the Cumberland River, Music City’s hall of fame, the historic Broadway district, the spectacular new Music City Center, adjacent the Cumberland River, and the downtown heart of the one of the most historic entertainment industry capitals of the world.

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