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The Holy Grail for filmmakers is financing and distribution for the projects they want to make.

If you have a work-in-progress, short film that can serve as a prototype for a feature film, newly shot footage that needs post-production, tremendous power-point presentation for a feature-length project, or a project in very advanced stages that needs completion funding and/or distribution connectivity, Film-Com has been specifically designed for you.

Film-Com is an annual packaging, financing and distribution market which directly connects you and your new projects to domestic and foreign distribution companies, P&A capital, banks, gap financing, co-production partners, packaging agents, product integration specialists and entities related to the success of getting a film or television project made and to market.

Film-Com has a unique model designed to be continuously adaptable to changing market forces in the international marketplace, and therefore will involve participants each year who are on the modulating edge of both motion picture creation and marketing / distribution.

Film-Com is an all-year process that culminates at the Film-Com market in the multi-billion dollar entertainment capital of Nashville, Tennessee.

Film-Com 2013 will be from April 16 to April 19, centered around the Hilton Nashville Downtown, right between the Schermerhorn Symphony Center, the Cumberland River, Music City’s hall of fame, the historic Broadway district, and the heart of the city. Film-Com Week, with partners offering a composers symposium, screenwriters workshop, and songwriters for film/TV forum, will commence April 13, 2012.

Film-Com processes all entries to identify the most marketable properties available; i.e. we do not promote a circus atmosphere with thousands of attendees and a blizzard of materials where quality is not assured; rather Film-Com operates with a unique methodology to filter for premium properties where the art and business of each project provide viable prospects for the commitment of production and distribution capital.

The overall process means that all filmmakers submitting entries will be guaranteed exposure to industry entities that can make a difference; and all filmmakers who attend Film-Com will have numerous opportunities to establish pragmatic relationships that will be helpful to both current and future properties.

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