As a filmmaker, what exposure am I guaranteed when submitting my entry?

Most importantly, all filmmakers formally entering their projects into Film-Com will have multiple opportunities to network one-on-one with virtually all of the industry execs participating in Film-Com over the multiple days of the event. This includes networking breakfasts every day at the Hilton Nashville Downtown, and a guaranteed exhibition spot at the New Project Pitch Expo, where filmmakers can set up laptops, posters, post cards, 1-sheets, marketing kits for their projects to be on display for all participating execs.

All filmmakers submitting one or more entries are guaranteed to have their projects made available on the Film-Com Project Registry to domestic and foreign distribution companies, banks experienced in film finance, production capital funds, venture capitalists, P&A funds, product integration specialists, gap financiers, producer reps, potential co-production partners, television networks, and other entities related to packaging, financing and distributing feature film and documentary works.

Additionally, all projects officially submitted will be featured in the printed Film-Com catalog given to every distribution company and packaging/financing entity participating in Film-Com. [Filmmakers in the catalog will be responsible for providing copies of a 1-sheet on each project — an 8 x 10 color or B&W which provides a mini-poster and summary of key elements of the project, still images that might be applicable, and business contact info.]

In summary, for one nominal entry fee, your project is guaranteed significant exposure to entities that can truly make a difference, and there are a number of avenues to get your project closer and as close as possible to companies who can help get your work financed and distributed. At the very least, you will establish a number of pragmatic business relationships that will be very helpful to both current and future projects.


With hundreds of film festivals and some markets already in existence, why is an event like Film-Com even necessary?

Film-Com is not a consumer event geared for the general public; it is an industry event designed for those who are engaged in launching marketable film and television properties that are viable for domestic and foreign distribution. Film-Com offers both guaranteed exposure for all submitting filmmakers, while also providing mechanisms for the most currently marketable works in progress to be made available interested distributors, financiers and co-production partners.

How will I know if my project will be seen by execs?

The entire time you are at Film-Com you are able to directly present to literally every exec at Film-Com, in multiple contexts. We are not a speed-dating event or a fest where filmmakers have brief or limited access. We USED TO have 10-minute pitch sessions but they were not as effective as they needed to be; the execs were worn out, and they had little real chance to follow up with many projects, then were on a plane.

Your NPEE (New Project Pitch Expo) booth is included with your submission, an 8-foot space with black pipe & drape and 6ft table with black tablecloth & electrical. All execs will essentially be held captive all day long at the NPPE (New Project Pitch Expo). Instead of 9-10 minutes per project, execs can spend 20 to 30 minutes or more with projects that interest them, and all execs are literally going to be able to check out all projects. In the past, different groups of execs were segmented and only allowed to see a fraction of the projects available.

All projects are in our print and online catalogs. You also have access to the execs at three networking breakfasts, at three evening networking sessions, and are able to buy drinks or coffee for any exec you feel like. We have screened execs specifically for those who will spend all their time in the trenches with filmmakers while they’re at Film-Com, rather than the usual appearing on a panel then never being approachable or even seen again.

All execs will be wearing green badges for easy i.d.. We have distribution companies participating like Weinstein and Sony; we have execs who have direct relationships with Fox Searchlight, Sony Classics, IFC, DreamWorks, Warner Bros, cable networks, foreign sales agents, banks, and so on. And one thing we have learned is that even if an exec happens to work for Discovery Channel, they have relationships across the industry in television and features. Each year execs take on multiple projects and establish long-term relationships with filmmakers who have authentic vision.


The Film-Com site also lists execs who have participated in the past — we maintain connectivity with all of them. So if certain projects might be a good fit for one or more entities not at Film-Com, we can facilitate introductions. It all depends upon what each project needs. Hope that helps a bit.



Is the networking breakfast a separate cost or included?

Networking Breakfast Downtown Hilton

TIs networking breakfast is at your discretion and at your cost.  We cover the cost of the visiting executives breakfast,which is a good incentive for them to attend, but there are literally hundreds of filmmakers and beyond our means to cover everyone’s mealsast.

We DO RECOMMEND you attend, as this is a casual atmosphere and an excellent opportunity to get to know your favorite exec(s) on a more personal level.

I need to know more about the New Project Pitch Expo

Most of your questions should be answered on this page, if not, then please use the contact form on our site



Does Film-Com provide accommodations for visiting filmmakers?

All filmmakers entering projects into Film-Com are encouraged to stay at the same hotel as the industry execs in order to optimize the pragmatic value of the participating in the event.  Executive say at the Nashville DownTown Hilton, however there are multiple other hotels in and around the area, please check our accommodations page for recommendations and/or any special deal we may find.

What if I have more specific questions regarding any aspects of Film-Com?

Please use our contact form and we’ll get back to you usually within 48 hours, and often much sooner.