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Enter Project

  • Filmmakers must enter projects and fees at
  • Deadline dates and fee info for Film-Com are specified at
  • Once the entry fee is registered through, filmmakers must fill out the Project Status Form on the Film-Com site, so that Film-Com staff and industry executives will be able to review the current assets of your project [do not fill out Project Status Form prior to registering through, or your form will not be saved]
  • Project Status Form information will also include a 1-sheet with promo art for your project, and a promo video for your project
  • Project information will only be available to industry execs
  • Names of projects and filmmakers will be posted on the Film-Com site
  • The information on the online Project Status Form, as well as the synopsis  mailed or shipped to the Film-Com snailmail address, will be weighed by Film-Com according to marketability to domestic and foreign markets
  • Filmmakers with the most marketable properties will be able to present their projects at Film-Com in private session to industry executives who may be able to provide completion funding, distribution, and other support for those projects
  • The projects may be works-in-progress or projects in post-production, and will be selected based upon an overall combination of fresh artistic vision, marketability of concept, and business professionalism in all aspects of the property
  • After the most marketable properties have been selected for direct presentation at the Film-Com event, other projects of marketable merit will be included in a printed catalog to be provided to all distribution companies and related industry entities involved in Film-Com
  • The number of properties included in the catalog may be from 50 to 100, and will be based solely upon each project having noteworthy elements that may require further development toward marketability
  • ALL FILMMAKERS who enter projects via to Film-Com will be able to exhibit their projects at the NEW PROJECT EXPO on Thursday, April 18, 2013 from 10a.m. to 4 p.m. — this includes all materials that can be shown on laptop, post cards, posters, 1-sheets and any other relevant collateral materials that support the project
  • At  Film-Com 2013, a limited number of the most ready-to-market projects selected will each have a 15 to 20-minute slot to be presented in private session to distribution companies and potential financial partners. The presentation will include your promo or sample DVD [you must BRING this DVD], and a package on the project including a 1-sheet with concise highlights of the project, budget, copy of screenplay, and any other information related to the project — be prepared to discuss the story, funding requirement, special marketing aspects, project team, and any attachments.


  • Exposure to distribution companies and potential financing partners on the Film-Com Website
  • The opportunity to be included in Film-Com printed catalog given to distribution and financing executives
  • The chance to present in-person directly to distributors, financiers, packaging and co-production partners
  • Guaranteed exposure at the NEW PROJECT EXPO & Networking Party
  • Breakfasts with industry execs three mornings in a row at the Hilton Nashville Downtown
  • Interaction with execs in break-out sessions
  • Interaction with execs at film business panel
  • Interaction with execs at television business panel
  • Numerous opportunities for one-on-one meetings with industry execs

IMPORTANT NOTE: It is expected that when you first register your project, it may be less developed than when it is presented to distribution companies and potential financial partners. It is important to register sooner than later, so that your project is on our radar screen, with the knowledge that elements can be added or improved over time.


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