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Film-Com entry is as simple as A, B, C…

A] Enter and submit entry fee  through
B] Fill out the PROJECT STATUS FORM on the Film-Com site
C] Upload your synopsis, sizzler, 1-sheet promo art on the PROJECT STATUS FORM

To give your project the best possible chance when submitting a feature film, television concept, documentary or video-game that is in-progress or may be newly completed for review by financiers, distribution companies and potential partners attending or involved with Film-Com, please review the following essential information:

1] THE NEW PROJECT EXPO – All projects officially entered through and accepted into Film-Com will be provided with free booth space at the New Project Expo, which takes place June 19 and 20, 2014 at Titans Stadium. The New Project Expo has been expanded this year to ensure that participating industry executives can walk the floor and have ample time to visit any or all projects that may be of interest to them.  Your free 8-foot booth will come with electrical hookups and black pipe & drape –you may set up posters, laptops, plasma screens, lay out promo art, post cards, screenplays, biz plans, biz cards and whatever you feel might attract attention to your project.

2] DIRECT PRESENTATION SESSIONS – The most market-ready of accepted projects will be given DIRECT PRESENTATION SLOTS to pitch their projects in a 10-minute session to a group of execs reviewing projects in screening rooms. These DIRECT PRESENTATION SESSIONS can incorporate a very brief DVD sizzler, but should incorporate a clear delivery by you of title, genre, original premise, unique characters and story elements, and a 1-sheet you can leave with all execs.

NOTE: A select number of projects at the New Project Expo who are not initially given DIRECT PRESENTATION SLOTS will be put on stand-by for possible a pitch session to execs, per time availability.

3] FILM-COM CATALOG – All accepted projects will be given a full-page slot in the printed and online FILM-COM CATALOG — you can view back issues of the catalog on the Film-Com home page. The Film-Com Catalog is reviewed by financiers, distribution companies, potential co-production partners, agents and qualified producers reps or managers. Your project will remain posted until it gets made.

4] MAKING THE MOST OUT OF FILM-COM – Do not put all your emphasis on a 10-minute pitch session. From Tuesday June 17, through Friday June 20, you should take advantage of numerous opportunities at networking breakfasts, lunches, evening parties, seminars, the New Project Expo, and private invitations in-between to network with every industry exec who might be relevant to your project/s.

5] REGISTRATION OF COPYRIGHT – For your own protection, it is essential that you register the screenplay or treatment of your project with either the Writers Guild of America West or Writers Guild of America East and/or the Library of Congress PRIOR TO showing your work to anyone, whether at Film-Com or any other private, public or business context.

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Again, once you have read and understood the above, Film-Com entry is as easy as A, B, C…

A] Project Entry  – Go to to register with Film-Com and provide entry fee.
B] Fill out the PROJECT STATUS FORM on the Film-Com website. The PROJECT STATUS FORM will be where you provide all relevant business info on your project
C] Upload synopsis, promo art / 1-sheet as well as promo video or promo video link on the PROJECT STATUS FORM


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