No Zoo Just Business

Since its inception in 2010 Film-Com has grown each year, quickly establishing itself as a world class event, with attendees traveling from China, Australia, South America, Africa, Russia and the UK as well as all across America. They come for a variety of reasons, but central are the networking opportunities, opportunities that focus on putting filmmakers in touch with domestic and foreign distribution companies, equity financiers, lender capital, P&A funding, gap financing, co-production partners, packaging agents, production integration specialists and more.  And while that is our focus, we blend those opportunities into events that allow everyone to enjoy the flavor of our local area.

Film-Com is a unique entity, and perhaps because of this, we’ve been able to attract business and production leaders from major entities across the country. We’re not a film festival, instead our focus is adapting to a constantly changing international marketplace and bringing together executives and filmmakers looking for new and cutting edge product.

A quick glance at our industry execs will immediately demonstrate the connections we’ve established, promises promises to be even bigger


The Film-Com process involves the following:

Filmmakers electronically submit a business breakdown of their projects; and all projects are logged in the Film-Com Projects Registry, which is segmented according to all genres including Comedy, Sci Fi, Western, and so on. The Project Registry is accessible by domestic and foreign distributors, completion funds, film banks, gap financiers, product integration specialists, producer reps, and potential co-production partners.

The business information and sizzle reel / brief footage of all projects will be weighed by Film-Com according to marketability to domestic and foreign markets. Filmmakers with the most marketable properties will be able to present their projects at Film-Com directly to distribution companies and related industry entities that may provide completion funding and other support for those projects. The projects are works-in-progress — including projects in the post-production phase — and will be selected based upon an overall combination of fresh artistic vision, marketability of concept, and business professionalism in all aspects of the property.

IMPORTANT NOTE TO ALL FILMMAKERS: REGARDLESS of which projects are most marketable, the Film-Com Market offers many opportunities to meet and network with industry execs, financiers, co-production partners and other entities throughout the several days of the event. These opportunities include the New Project Pitch Expo, Breakfasts with Execs, Film & Television Panels, break-out sessions, and many individual opportunities in-between. Like any aspect of the business, Film-Com is literally what you make it. The more fully you participate, the more valuable relationships and information you will gain.

The overall process means that filmmakers submitting entries are enabled exposure via a full spectrum of methods to industry execs seeking new works for development, acquisition, and distribution. ALL FILMMAKERS SUBMITTING PROJECTS TO FILM-COM should plan to attend the entire event if all possible.  Events are listed here

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